Coach Bonnie

(Schwartz) Nolan



You shall teach your children 3 things:  Torah, a Trade, and How to Swim.


With so many coaches talking about different ways to swim, it can be  frustrating for a beginner, or even an experienced athlete, to know what to take stock in.  I have been swimming for over 30 years and have combined my personal experiences with education from all of my coaches, plus research from Dr. Nicholas Romanov's Pose Method®, to create effective strategies of teaching swimming.   

My swimmers have enjoyed successes including being able to swim pain-free, qualifying for national events, and putting their faces in the water for the first time.  I appreciate working with people of all ages from beginners to elite marathon swimmers.  

There are scientific standards of techniques for swimming: At any level, swimming involves efficient movement and gravity.   It should feel good, not just "look good"  - besides, you don't get points for looks!  It's about speed, efficiency, endurance and being able to swim without injury until 120!  

Swimming should not be intimidating.  I would love to share my passion for the water with you.  I love to teach and talk about swimming.  I have been teaching and coaching for most of my life and I know how to meet you where you are, and work from there.  Together we can set your goals and enjoy the journey of reaching them.

                                                                                    ~Coach Bonnie